Vinyl flooring is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), natural materials and often with recycled PVC too. This makes it tough, durable, water-resistant and slip-resistant.

  • Sheet – Vinyl sheet flooring can come in either/or 6’, 12’ wide rolls. The wider sheet stock is better for minimizing seams.
  • Tiles- We offer sizes in 16”x16”; 12”x12”; 8”x16”; 8”x8”. They have a repeating pattern of 1 out of 16 tiles or 1 out of 32 tiles- creating an authentic look as if it were granite, stone, or marble.
  • Planks – Konecto- newest wood replica technique from Armstrong. There is no adhesives required plus NO wax maintenance. It is a floating installation, meaning it isn’t adhered to the subsurface.